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Who we are

We are a producer of stitched and welded packages made of artificial materials. The beginning of our company is being dated about 2005, when the idea of creating an unique and innovative company that would produce personalized for client packages came to our minds. We are a partnership company which we highlight in our company's name. A long termed analyses of the packages market and our clients needs have resulted in becoming one of the leading producers on domestic and foreign market. Our many years of branch knowledge and experience have led us to the point where the automated production system plays a key role, which greatly speeds up the realization of orders.

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Our company

In our company, customers are serviced in a professional and friendly way. From our location in Radomsko, we are able to arrive with packages to any place in Poland within 24 hours and two or three days, to any place in all areas in Europe. Since 2012, we have been exporting our products to community countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Germany. We especially emphasise on our clients satisfaction.

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Our goal

Our goal is to design a perfectly measured package with an attractive look, perfect quality and affordable price. We are aware that only well exposed product in our package can bring mutual benefits. We try to meet every challenges and experience in this business helps us to face them. Our motto is creativity and innovation in creating products.

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