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Opakowania szyte

Stitched packages

We produce packages stitched from PP, LDPE, PCV foil and PP nonwoven fabric. Thanks to combination of these materials, our packages becomes unique due to visual and functional aspects. We will prepare each measurement of package in any configuration. Feel free to write a question.

Check our offer of packages and additions:

  • Stitched packages
  • Welded packages
  • Covers for clothing
Opakowania zgrzewane

Welded packings

Our offer also contains sacks welded from LDPE and PP foil. We also sell packages made of original LDPE foil or regranulate. We will create any size of bottom weld bags with folds or packages with stripe and side weld. We can also attach snap fasteners or handles to packages. Check our full offer and download our catalogue.

Uchwyty, wieszaki i dodatki

Handles, hangers and additives

We use any kinds of handles, grips, cords and many more for production. These are plastic details with various of accessories like purse eyelets or cords. The application of our methods is simplified by logistical and exposure system of pre-made products. We also offer regular and corded slider tapes. Feel free to check our accessories catalogue.

Check out our full offer and download the catalogue

Pokrowiec na ubrania

Clothing covers

Along with the company development, market observation and client needs, we have created the “COVER exclusive” brand. They are modern clothing covers made of PP non woven material in various colours and 80g/m2 grammage. This material has excellent properties, because it isolates clothes from outside factors like water, dust etc. At the same time, it serves function of ventilating products inside. An additional advantage for using covers is overprint as a great advertisement medium.

Materiały opakowaniowe

Packaging materials

We sell:

  • stretch foil
  • packaging tape, hot-melt glue, acrylics, rubber

Screen printing

Our offer also contains screen printing in various colour schemes. Printing can be made on our packages as well as on materials allotted to us. We use water-based, plastisol and solvent-based paints. Printing materials are generally PP nonwoven, PCV foil and cotton. We guarantee decent realization of services and professional assistance.

Cięcie maszynowe

Machine cutting

We can also offer longitudinal and transverse cutting of materials like foil or nonwoven. Cutting is being made by modern machines with a very good measurement calibration. We can package and customize foils and nonwovens for ready-made forms.

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